Jazz Supreme de Luxe

An acoustic jazz guitar par excellence!

Key features:

  • 60-year, carefully aged and workshop-seasoned choice European Alp spruce carved by hand and superior quality German figure flamed maple
  • 17-inch body feels good in the player’s hands and produces a full, rich tone
  • Three-piece neck construction of figure flamed maple with French walnut core. The slightly arched fingerboard is very pleasant to play.
  • Neck widths (at the nut) available in 43, 44 or 45 mm.
  • Rounded D-shaped neck
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • Class AAA ebony fingerboard with elegant mother-of-pearl inlays
  • Ebony and rosewood tailpiece
  • Special bridge construction for improved transmission of tone
  • Rosewood bindings and headstock overlay
  • Absolutely no plastic!
  • Gold-plated tuning machines with ebony tuner knobs
  • Thinly applied nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • Thin coat of shellac applied to the inside of the guitar protects the wood from fluctuations in humidity for a consistent tonal character and steadfastly brilliant sound
  • Because there are no electronic components mounted to the top, the top is free to vibrate for a full, resonant sound.
  • Floating pickup mounted to the end of the neck. Choice of Bartolini or Kent Armstrong.
  • Big Tone bridge pickup
  • Stereo output
  • Volume and tone controls are integrated in the side (above the mortise) for improved acoustic performance
  • Includes luxury thermoform case
  • Also available with optional wood finger rest and integral volume and tone controls
  • Optional Class A French polish. Maximize the acoustic performance of your guitar with a hand-buffed top!

What the guitar press has to say:

“AKUSTIK GITARRE”, Issue 3/99, test report by Wolfgang Niemann

“Unamplified, the guitar is surprisingly loud. High-quality tone woods produce a fascinating percussive sound enhanced by distinctively pleasant warmth. The guitar displays unbelievable dynamics, which facilitate accentuated, soulful playing. Notes and chords in the low ranges exhibit a virtually piano-like character and the highs have a pleasingly warm bite. The separation and sustain of the individual strings are excellent, so that even complex chord voicings are clearly defined and solo runs come across with assertion. The Jazz Supreme displays an impressive array of features and excellent craftsmanship. Simply put, it’s a class instrument!”

“Gitarre und Bass”, Issue 01/00, test report by Frank Haunschild, one of Europe’s most successful jazz guitarists

“The acoustic character of this instrument is overwhelming, and I don’t mean just the volume. All of the strings play very well, regardless of the position on the fingerboard, and sound very well balanced with superb sustain. The classic percussiveness associated with maple and the enhancing warmth of spruce reach their performance pinnacles in this guitar, which can be attributed to the very high quality of the tone woods. The two pickups blend very well together. The neck feels great. I strongly recommend this instrument for anyone who appreciates acoustic jazz guitars. Since the value is sure to go up on the Hahl Jazz Supreme de Luxe, it’s a very nice acquisition for collectors. A visual and acoustic treat!”.