New Orleans de Luxe

Uncompromising in the choice of materials and craftsmanship, the Hahl New Orleans de Luxe is the epitome of guitar building perfection. Nothing is left to chance when Stefan builds guitars. All of the materials, including tone woods seasoned over several generations, are carefully selected, tested and worked subject to the highest standards.

Key features:

  • Finest, 60-year carefully aged, workshop seasoned, hand selected European Alp spruce or optional Canadian redcedar
  • Brazilian rosewood back and sides
  • Hand selected master grade ebony fingerboard with abalone inlays
  • Flamed mahogany neck with French walnut core or figured maple
  • Elaborate abalone inlays
  • Expertly shaped scalloped bracing and tap-tuned top
  • Available with optional 24-fret fingerboard for full 4-octave range
  • 650-mm scale
  • Schaller gold-plated tuning machines with ebony buttons
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Bone bridge inlays and nut
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • Thinly applied shellac on the inside of the guitar protects the wood from fluctuations in humidity for a consistent tonal character and steadfastly brilliant sound

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a premium acoustic guitar, whether finger or flat picking, chord voicings or single notes, the New Orleans de Luxe, with its assertion, clear separation of voices, balanced tone in every register and tonal diversity, will exceed your highest expectations.

What the guitar press has to say

Hahl New Orleans De Luxe – a superlative instrument“
“Akustik Gitarre”, Issue 6/2000, test report by Andreas Schulz

“The neck lies well in the hand and the guitarist immediately feels comfortable with this instrument. The fingerboard is fashioned from select grade ebony and the fretwork is absolutely perfect. The dressing of the frets, including their crowning, leaves nothing to be desired. The scalloped bracing is finely shaped and ideally placed through careful tap-toning. As in all aspects of the guitar, the bindings display exquisite workmanship. Stefan Hahl´s top steel string model comes in a honey blonde finish of thin, expertly applied and polished nitrocellulose lacquer. It lends the premium, beautiful woods an even richer perspective. Tasteful details and quality of workmanship make this guitar a true pleasure to behold and its superior playability and quick response a joy to play.

I was immediately struck by its unparalleled diverse tonal spectrum and dynamics. The overtone spectrum is unusually rich. Fullness and power characterize the bass strings without a trace of droning. The mids are delicately silky and the highs clear and vivid. Regardless of where on the neck the guitar is played, the high tones reach the listener with impact, which is a joy to fingerpickers, strummers as well as lead guitarists, who desire a soulful voice. The New Orleans De Luxe is suitable for any pace and willingly follows the guitarist’s lead.

Summary: Stefan Hahl’s New Orleans De Luxe is a superlative instrument in every respect. It represents the synthesis of skilled lutherie, expert choice of quality materials, workmanship and fantastic sound. With the New Orleans de Luxe, Stefan Hahl has clearly displayed his guitar building mastery.”