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“Visiting Hahl Master Crafted Guitars”

Excerpt from the report: by Gregor Hilden / editor of the journal Acoustic Guitar 5/00

“In Mudershausen Idyllically located near Limburg in the Taunus you will find the workshop of Stefan Hahl. But you have to take a closer look to avoid passing by this “manufacturing place”, which does not consist of a huge area that lies in a typical industrial area. The workshop can be found – almost hidden – in a neat family home in a welcoming residential area. “Hahl Master Crafted Guitars” can be read on the house wall sign in discreet letters. Just a small indication that a trained professional has settled here. He has learned his craft from scratch and become a worldwide known specialist for special requirements.”

You are invited to join us on a short sightseeing tour through the workshop and studio of Stefan Hahl.

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