Gitano De Luxe

Made famous by Django Reinhardt, the renowned guitar virtuoso, the original draft for the first guitar came from the master classical guitarist Mario Maccaferri. Selmer Paris assumed production and continued development. Unfortunately, however, production ceased after a short time.

Here are several models built true to the original with genuine looks and sound that easily exceeds today’s expectations for such guitars.

Your search for an authentic “Django guitar” will have its end when you see and play these instruments. Their shape, proportions and construction are absolutely identical to the original Selmer Maccaferri series. What distinguishes the Hahl Gitanos from “common” copies are the premium tonewoods, such as rare Brazilian rosewood, superb, flamed maple, Macassar ebony, French walnut as well as Alp spruce or red cedar tops fashioned from carefully seasoned woods aged for over 40 years in workshops. Add quality gold-plated hardware exclusive materials throughout, impeccable workmanship and unique tone, which is continuously modified to meet the guitarist’s specifications, then playability and you know why Hahl’s Gitano guitars are the ultimate Django experience.

All of the instruments can be fitted with integral Big Tone pickup system by means of a special technique. This system is easy to use and produces one of the most natural tones of all the electric amplification systems currently available.

Key features:

  • Original Selmer Maccaferri shape, available with D or O shaped sound hole
  • 40-year workshop seasoned and aged red cedar or spruce top
  • 40-year workshop seasoned and aged East Indian rosewood, flamed maple or Macassar ebony back and sides
  • 3-part neck of 30-year carefully aged mahogany with 50-year aged walnut core
  • First class ebony fingerboard with refined, round mother-of-pearl fingerboard inlays
  • Black and white rosette and edge wood inlays
  • Solid rosewood fingerboard and body binding throughout
  • Standard scale lengths:
  • D-shaped sound hole: 650 mm
  • O-shaped sound hole: 670 mm
  • Rounded, D-shaped neck for excellent playability
  • Ebony bridge with two compensating bone inlays
  • Bone nut
  • Gold-plated tuning machines with ebony buttons
  • Brass tailpiece with ebony inlay
  • Finish: thinly applied nitrocellulose lacquer

What the guitar press has to say

Gitano de Luxe with Big Tone pickup
“Hot Club News”, Issue 3/99, test report by Thomas Eder

“What a sound!” Such a long lasting, warm tone. The unbelievable volume is not just apparent when playing chords. Soloing, each string asserts itself with authority. The string action feels like it was set up especially for me. My left hand moves effortlessly up and down the neck and over the fingerboard. Regardless of whether I play loud or softly, the guitar obeys my every command. I plug the guitar into the amplifier. The pickup picks up each string uniformly. The amplified sound has the same authentic character as the acoustic sound. A masterpiece!”

Hahl Gitano de Luxe
“Gitarre & Bass”, Issue 12/98, test report by Paul Schleip

“Stefan Hahl attaches great value to knowing exactly what his customers want – usually with no extra charge. Since he personally handcrafts every instrument, he is able to realize specific customer preferences. The instrument I received for the test is really first class. With no exaggeration, it is a true feast for the eyes. The guitar is particularly light and plays with precision. Assertive with clear lows in rhythm playing, the guitar demonstrates its greatest character playing single line melody, the notes sparkling with cleanness and clarity. Anyone looking for a first class, handmade, tastefully designed instrument with fully individual sound aesthetics (not just Django fans) will be pleased with this Hahl guitar.”

Hahl Gitano
“Hot Club News”, Issue 4/96, test report by Bernhard Gierstl

“The Guitar that I tested was the Gitano, a copy of the original Selmer No.706 (O soundhole) that Stefan had restored. This provided him with the opportunity to carefully study the guitar and obtain its exact proportions. Visually speaking, the Gitano is very impressive. The workmanship and tonewoods are crème de la crème. The string action is set perfectly and leaves the artist sufficient room for individual expression and dynamics. The guitar has the typical sound you would expect from this type of guitar. Single notes are sharp and precise with powerful bite and when used to accompany the sound is well rounded, full and powerful. There’s also nothing stingy about its loudness. Tone, playability and finally the looks make Gitano a top class instrument. Considering the exceptional quality of the guitar, the value the buyer obtains for the price is more than good. The person who calls this guitar his or her own has found a guitar for life.”

Hahl Gitano O & Gitano D
“Akustik Gitarre”, Issue 2/97, test report by Ralf Bauer

“Both the Django guitars from Stefan Hahl left me with an unusually positive impression. As regards materials and quality of workmanship and, not to be forgotten, constructional expertise, the guitars are at the top of their class. Due to the percussive character of the chords and the cutting personality of the single notes, both these guitars are ideally suited for either rhythm or solos.”

Hahl Gitano D
“Hot Club News”, Issue 4/98, test report by Roland Wondra

“The guitar I received from Stefan Hahl for the test is yet another example of his ability to bridge the gap between traditional sound and authentic looks in a new instrument. Already at first sight, the guitar leaves nothing to be desired. The workmanship is really first class (as is to be expected from Stefan). The guitar is very light in my hands and with the first tones I play its sound amazes me. Both bass and high notes are uniform and balanced, exhibiting long sustain, the neck fits my hand perfectly and the Gitano D has punch!

Rhythm playing is effortless, as if automatic, and can be powerful and loud or soft and vocal. The guitar does everything the guitarist wants. The longer I play this instrument, the more I like it.

The incredible playability of the guitar facilitates soloing and when I jam with other musicians, I have no problem asserting myself acoustically thanks to the enormous volume.

The Gitano D is a super instrument and in my opinion truly a worthy heir to its legendary predecessor. The price is also reasonable. So if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone dear to you (or better yet, for yourself!!) …”